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Mid day meal tragedy: Mass grave in school premises marks families' anger, grief

Memo No: MGNREG/MDLA/2013/1011121    |   Memo Date: 2013-06-20   |    Year: 2013-2014

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Till Tuesday the school playground in which children used to play has been turned into a graveyard. Families of the children who lost their lives after eating mid day meals in Chhapra are now burying their kids in the premises of the Dharmatalli government primary school. Gomtidevi is inconsolable; the news of the death of her two children was delivered to her days after the incident. The family says 7-yaer-old Rinku and 8-year-old brother loved going to school and wanted to be doctors. Meanwhile, jolted by the mid day meal tragedy in Chhapra in Bihar, students at various government schools across the state on Thursday refused to eat the food served to them. "Our parents have told us not to eat these food," student Shivani said.

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